Make life a little easier on yourself and let technology help you manage your diabetes.

  1. Diabetes in Check: Blood Glucose & Card Tracker by Everyday Health, Inc.

For Apple, not available for Android.

This app was designed by a Certified Diabetic Educator.  This app helps track your glucose levels, medication, and your food.  You can also search for recipes, meal plans, and journal.

diabetes in check 1    diabetes in check 2

  1. GoMeals

For Apple, For Android

This app lets you track not only your food but also your glucose levels.

go meals 1   go meals 2

  1. mySugr: Easy to use daily diabetes logbook

For Apple, For Android

This app tracks your glucose levels, monitor carbs, track insulin and avoid hyper/hypos to make you diabetes suck less.

mySugr 1   mySugr 2.jpeg

  1. OneTouch Reveal

For Apple, For Android

Partner your OneTouch Verio Flex glucose monitor with this smartphone app to send all of your data straight to your mobile phone.

one touch 1   one touch 2

  1. ACCU-CHECK Connect Diabetes Management App

For Apple, For Android

Get all of the data from your Accu-Check wireless meter straight on your smartphone.

accu check 1   accu check 2