Soon the weather will change and it will be time to start exploring again.  Before you hit the trails, take a few minutes to learn some basic hiking safety tips.

Your Emergency Kit:

  • Water
  • A small first aid kit
  • Whistle
  • Small flashlight
  • Energy food
  • Brightly colored bandana and/or a mirror for signaling.
  • Trash bag (preferably in a bright color), poke a hole and create a poncho to wear if you get lost.

What to do if lost

No one ever plans to get lost on their hike, but sometimes it does happen.  If you are planning a longer hike on a less traveled path, make sure to bring a few items with you if you happen to get lost.

  • Stay put
  • Make shelter
  • Stay warm and dry
  • Be visible and heard
  • If helicopters are searching; be in an open area, and lie down so you look bigger from the air.

Hiking with children:

Some of the best times with your children is getting out into nature and exploring together.  Follow these simple steps to help make sure that your children stay safe on the hike as well.

  • Attach a whistle to their clothes.
  • Coach them on what to do if they get lost.
  • Coach them that if they get lost people will be calling for them and that it is okay for them to respond.
  • Coach them that if they do get lost, to stay put and build a “nest” to prevent wandering.

Go out and enjoy Washington’s beautiful scenery!